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Restaurant Market Split Into Haves & Have-Nots – Capital, Deals Abundant for Healthy Businesses: How to be One of Them & Escape the Death Spiral

The old saws, “A down economy makes fools of us all,” and “Restaurants are first and last out of a recession,” might be appropriate, but if you own a large food and beverage business — either intentionally or accidentally — you don’t have to play the victim. But what you first have to do is figure out whether you are a have or have-not and make sure you come out alive.

Think Partners, Not Competitors – In Good Times and Bad, Banks and Factors Should Collaborate

Not so long ago, small- and mid-sized businesses had an all-you-can-eat buffet of capital. Investment, regional and community banks, asset-based lenders, hedge funds, factors and individuals all vied for the entrepreneur’s business — holding out carrots of competing rates and lighter terms. Banks competed with banks, and banks competed with alternative financing firms.

In Sticky Situations — Specialty Lenders Rise to the Occasion

On April 20, 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and with it a sea-floor oil gusher began an almost three-month leak into the sea. The leak was capped on July 15, but not before spewing more than 4 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. In the continuing aftermath, several factoring companies have reported assisting those that have aided in the cleanup resulting from the spill.

A Borrowers’ Sector Report Card Shows Some Improvement

Given the extraordinary credit crisis American businesses have been weathering, we thought that Merchant Factors’ outlook on various borrower sectors is an excellent barometer for commercial finance companies. Adam Winters, the company’s president and CEO offers a sector by sector report card. Some sectors move to the head of the class, some show scant improvement and others aren’t making the grade.

The Tangled Demise of Arrow Trucking

As forensic accountants work to piece together what’s left of the company, and fleet lessors comb the country for missing trucks, the three executives blamed for orchestrating the multimillion factoring fraud that brought Tulsa-based transportation firm Arrow Trucking Co. to its knees are busy pointing fingers at each other. Using court records, press reports and the statements of those involved, ABF Journal attempts to untangle the convoluted mess that was Arrow Trucking.

Four Fabulous Factors… What Defines a Legacy?

As we assembled the lineup of profiles for this year’s look at four factoring companies, a unifying theme began to emerge — legacy. And each of the four companies illustrates the multi-dimensionality of legacy in its own unique way. Whether it’s a father and son team; providing financing to a unique niche for the greater good; the impetus to acquire, sell and re-acquire the same company or serving as a training ground for future factoring entrepreneurs, each has an interesting story to tell.