Ten Things Asset-Based Lenders Should Know About Machinery & Equipment Auction Sales

The auction platform is now more popular than ever, with more choices for both sellers and buyers. To the finance industry, public auctions were once considered “fire sales,” representing the lowest possible recovery. Today, a properly conducted and executed auction sale strategy will reach a more active, targeted market, at a far lower cost, and generate greater net proceeds than an extended orderly liquidation.

Post-‘Crash’ Effects on Inventory Recovery Values: Where Are Values Today?

Lender activity has returned, as has the customers’ leverage in negotiating in this competitive lending environment. However, when it comes to monitoring their portfolios, lenders need to remain diligent to ensure that appraisals are being completed in a timely manner based on the level of risk and in such a way that accurately reflect current recovery values in the marketplace.

Machinery & Equipment: Setting the Standard for Industrial Auctions — Déjà Vu All Over Again

Many of the major valuation and appraisal firms in the U. S. have their origins in the auction business of industrial assets and/or retail going-out-of-business liquidations. With the advent of the Internet, advances in fiber optics and telecommunications, computer technology and a growing global economy have fueled innovation in the way industrial assets are marketed and sold today.