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Does the Current ‘Logistics Nightmare’ Have a Surprising Upside?

With the fourth quarter and the holiday season on the horizon, Ryan Davis of Tiger Valuation Servies checks in with the current state of borrowers in the retail sector amid the current disruptions to inventory and the supply chain, finding that many are in a better spot than might be expected, which could lead to positive deal flow for asset-based lenders very soon.

Restoring Disciplined Appraisals and Oversight: Why the Need for Diligence is Essential to Minimizing Risk

Over the past year, the competitive environment in the asset-based lending industry has reached a fever pitch. Competition for a limited number of deals has forced lenders to offer diminished rates to keep clients. In order to offer lower-cost deals, some lenders have decreased the frequency of regular appraisals, often to their own detriment in the long term.

ABLs Face Excess Liquidity, Fierce Competition… And It’s Not Abating Anytime Soon

With so much liquidity in the marketplace and the need to deploy it, banks and other lenders are entering the asset-based lending marketplace. ABF Journal speaks with five ABL leaders to get their insights on today’s competitive lending environment and their respective strategies to stimulate deal flow and to differentiate their institutions on such a crowded playing field.