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Loan Modifications and Forbearance Agreements in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of financial stress for borrowers, which means loan modifications and forbearance agreements have become necessities. Inez M. Markovich of McCarter & English and Howard Brod Brownstein of The Brownstein Corporation outline what lenders and borrowers should expect.

The Other Side: Considerations for the Post-Pandemic Economy

Regardless of when the economy reopens, businesses need to contend with a slew of factors to ensure they succeed on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jim Bowie, William H. Henrich and Frederick Langer of Getzler Henrich and Associates go through some of the most important elements to consider, including demand, inventory and the supply chain.

Uncertainty Surrounds Bankruptcy Debtors’ Access to Paycheck Protection Program

Companies in bankruptcy do not have access to the Paycheck Protection Program, at least according to the letter of the law. However, the issue has become less clear as illustrated by the decisions in In re Hidalgo and In re Cosi Inc. Howard M. Berkower and Franklin Barbosa Jr. of McCarter & English take a closer look at those decisions and how their inconsistencies muddy the waters.

Omnichannel Transformation, COVID-19 Alter Distressed Retail/Supplier Relationships

Ben Nortman and Ian Fredericks of ReStore Capital examine the financial burden that consumer-mandated transformation and the current crisis are imposing on both retailers and their suppliers. They further explain how innovative financial solutions can be leveraged to help ensure successful outcomes in stressed and distressed environments.