Author: Grace Garwood

How Has the Paycheck Protection Program Affected Bank-Owned ABL?

The Paycheck Protection Program has been top of mind for many lenders, particularly banks. ABF Journal learned about the experience of bank-owned asset-based lending groups with the program as well as expectations and concerns for the future in conversations with four leaders in the industry.

How Robotic Process Automation-as-a-Service Improves Performance During COVID-19

Asset-based lenders can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maximize prospects during these uncertain times and beyond by automating routine, rule-based processes. However, automation can often be difficult to implement, which makes Robotic Process Automation-as-a-Service an attractive means to enhance efficiency and better serve borrowers.

Stretching Out: SG Credit Partners Continues to Evolve from Cash Flow Lending Origins

SG Credit Partners was once a single product division of Super G Capital, but in 2018, Marc Cole and Charlie Perer decided to branch out by co-founding SG Credit Partners. Since then the company has expanded its product offerings, brought in a bevy of new talent and used an infusion of capital from Cynosure, 4612 Group and MidMark to position itself for further growth. 

Billion With A B: Yieldstreet’s Introduction to the Private Business Credit World

A new entrant joined the private business credit world in June, as wealth management and financial technology firm Yieldstreet launched its newest vertical. With long-time business partners Barbara Anderson and Larry Curran forming the core of the new group, Yieldstreet Private Business Credit aims to grow right alongside its borrowers and investors.