A career is a journey. This may not be a groundbreaking sentiment, but that’s only because it holds true, especially in a world in which few people follow the same trajectory as the person in the office next to them.

In the following pages, we will highlight the career paths of the most influential and innovative women in the asset-based lending industry while providing insight into the skills and motivations that drove them to where they are today. This inaugural class features professionals in traditional ABL, alternative finance, turnaround management, accounting, private equity, bankruptcy/restructuring law and more, with many of the honorees moving between disciplines during their career. Each honoree is listed within one of four specialties (traditional ABL, alternative finance, strategic advisors and legal), with their recent career path mapped out in an infographic.

The women on this list will help shape the future of ABL, meaning this honor is not a destination but another milestone on a collection of exceptionally impressive professional journeys.

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