Kristi Faherty
Managing Director
B. Riley Advisory Services

Kristi Faherty is a managing director and part of B. Riley Advisory Services’ senior leadership team. Faherty has played a critical role in the firm’s growth over the past several years and currently leads the food industry vertical within its appraisal division, its largest vertical in terms of volume. Regularly demonstrating excellence in her daily work, she ensures clarity of communication at all levels.

Faherty began her career as a financial analyst with Great American Group (which was later acquired by B. Riley) and has been with the firm ever since. She has demonstrated continued leadership and dedication to clients and teams throughout her 22-year tenure while also overseeing the completion of some of the largest inventory appraisal transactions in the food, metals, wire and cable industries. In addition, Faherty has helped clients navigate some of the most challenging economic periods of the last two decades, including the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, Faherty oversaw and reviewed more than 250 industrial appraisals completed by her group while leading three appraisal project teams spanning the East and West Coasts. Over the past five years, she has overseen and reviewed more than 1,500 appraisals.

Having learned the inventory appraisal business from the bottom up, first as an analyst before rising to project leader, managing director and then division leader, Faherty provides B. Riley’s associates with unique perspective, helping to shepherd and mentor future leaders in their career journeys. Even as a veteran asset-based lending appraisal professional, she takes every opportunity to absorb key learnings from every transaction she works on. Never one to shy away from complex assignments, she is always willing and ready to tackle B. Riley’s more complicated deals in heavily industrial focused industries.