Surviving a Restructuring: Developing a Strategy for Small- and Medium- Sized Debtors

Many small- and medium-sized businesses fail to succeed in restructuring through Chapter 11 because of the expense and lack of manpower. Stephen Selbst provides a step-by-step guide to preparing for Chapter 11 that will help companies control the process and produce a successful outcome.

Predictor of Success Following a Turnaround: Discipline Tools Can Keep a Company Afloat After Restructuring

Completing the restructuring process is a challenge for both a company and the turnaround professional who guides it through. Yet some companies may show signs of failing a second time. Brian Gleason illustrates how using the discipline tools introduced during turnaround can keep the ship afloat, even in rough waters.

Making the Right Choice . . . Chief Restructuring Officer or Restructuring Consultant?

Companies are like people — some are more willing to listen to advice than others. As a lender to a struggling company, you have to evaluate the people involved and the situation before deciding if it needs a CRO or a restructuring consultant. A.R. Williams offers some advice to help you make the right choice.

Traits of the Best Turnaround Consultants: Flexibility, Objectivity, Experience & Customization

Attorney John Wirth discusses the essential qualities possessed by the best turnaround consultants. He demonstrates how these experts bring a fresh perspective to a difficult situation by taking an objective, flexible and customized approach to the turnaround efforts of a struggling business.

Expanding Underneath the TMA Tent: Ensuring the Relevance and Value of Restructuring

TMA president J. Scott Victor provides an update on the expanding footprint of the association, outlining its primary goals of connecting, educating and certifying members. He remains confident in the future of the restructuring industry despite recent flux.

Creating an Agile Transformation Amid Continuous Market Disruption

KPMG’s Mitchell Siegel outlines the steps necessary for businesses to create an effective transformation, including establishing and tracking metrics as well as mining market signals and asking the right questions.

Crestmark Exec Named President of Michigan TMA

Crestmark vice president Scot Lund has been named president of the Michigan chapter of the Turnaround Management Association.

Steering a New Beginning — Setting a Distressed Company on a Path to Sustainable Growth

When a distressed company, led by a newly appointed owner, faced repeated rejections from traditional lenders, Lawrence Gardner Associates stepped in and enlisted an asset-based lender to creatively finance U.S. dollar-denominated Mexican receivables, crafted a successful exit strategy from a factoring agreement, and set up the company for sustainable growth.

ABF Journal Launches New Website

Xander Media Group announced the launch of its new website to better serve the informational needs of its online visitors and related constituents in the asset-based, turnaround management and factoring industries.

ABF Journal Magazine

History & Mission: ABF Journal magazine was launched in 2002 as the first independent trade finance magazine exclusively focused on the asset-based lending, factoring, commercial finance and turnaround management industries. Our mission is to deliver a publication in tune with the informational needs of our readers — commercial finance professionals. Our editorial content is often described […]