Western Alliance, Super G Support Glowpoint Recap

Glowpoint, a managed service provider of video collaboration and network applications, completed a recapitalization of its existing debt obligations supported by loans from Western Alliance and Super G Capital.

Following the Two-Second Rule: Building a Brand in the Finance Business

Brands like Cheerios, Toyota and Coca Cola have become ubiquitous. Once confined to radio, television and print publication ads, they now follow us as we surf the internet, peer out from the margins of our Facebook pages and insinuate themselves into our Twitter feeds. Charlie Perer argues that small lenders need to establish their own brands to compete with the industry giants. A strong brand can set a lender apart from the pack and establish an identity that will resonate with borrowers.

Super G Provides $3.5MM Facility to PE-Backed Company

Super G Capital provided a $3.5 million credit facility to a company that designs and manufactures NextGen-compliant avionics systems.

Super G Provides $1.5MM Bridge Facility to Healthcare Technology Firm

Super G Capital provided a $1.5 million bridge facility for a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides data management solutions to insurance agencies, government agencies, hospital and healthcare organizations.

Super G Provides Second Lien Facility to e-Commerce Brand

Super G provided a $2.5 million second lien working capital facility to a venture capital backed subscription e-commerce brand business.

Novus Capital and Super G Capital Merge

Novus Capital Group has merged with Super G Capital, a move that will expand the lending capacity of both companies.

New Lending Structures Combat the Rise of Daily Debit Loans: The ABL Industry Strikes Back

Online lenders have made it quick and easy for business borrowers to access cash in a crunch. But these fintech lenders rely on algorithms and business plans, not bothering to check to see if the borrower has existing loans in place. If the client runs into difficulties, this can create headaches for the senior lender. Charlie Perer suggests that second lien lenders provide new products to enable borrowers to get a quick influx of cash controlled by the senior lender.

Super G Closes Second Lien Facility for Lease Crew Services Company

Super G Capital provided a second lien growth capital facility for a Texas-based lease crew services company.

Super G Provides $1.25MM Loan to Education Software Provider

Super G Capital provided a $1.25 million seasonal working capital loan to an education software provider.

Super G Capital Rebrands, Expands Deal Team

Super G Funding changed the company name to Super G Capital to reflect its increased lending size and push into the lower middle market. Steve Bellah, Eric Von Stafford and Oren Moses have joined the deal team.