Super G Provides $2MM Junior Participation Term Loan

Super G Capital provided a $2 million term loan to a producer of parts for OEM manufacturers in the agriculture, construction, mining, and oil & gas industries.

Chiron Financial Supports Genco Refi

Chiron Financial served as the exclusive investment banker to Genco Energy Services in an out-of-court restructuring and refinancing.

Accurate Appraisals Ground Airballs But Will They Hold Up if a Recession Hits?

The soaring stock market has resulted in a frothy ABL market with competition at an all-time high and liquidations, outside of retail, at a low. Appraisals from the Big Four firms have held up. Charlie Perer looks into his crystal ball to envision the ABL scenario when the next recession hits.

Super G Provides $900K Airball Facility to Textile Firm

Super G Capital provided a $900,000 stretch facility to a U.S. manufacturer of specialty textiles.

Super G Provides $2.5MM Seasonal Loan to Plant Grower

Super G Capital provided a $2.5 million seasonal loan to a producer of perennials, annuals and tropical plants and one of the largest greenhouse operations in the U.S.

Super G Provides $2MM Bridge Loan to Drug Company

Super G provided a $2 million bridge loan to an outsourced pharmaceutical service provider conducting clinical research.

Super G Provides $2MM 2nd Lien Loan for Healthcare Firm

Super G Capital provided a $2 million second lien working capital loan for a sponsor-backed provider of employee healthcare management services.

The Changing Landscape of Non-Sponsor Finance

With too much capital chasing too few transactions, the middle market is ripe for change. Charlie Perer predicts an explosion of debt options for non-sponsor backed companies over the next 10 years. He notes that as non-banker lenders offer customers more service and flexibility, banks will respond by consolidating.

Innovative Financing: From Mellon & Sons to Alternative Lenders’ Impact on ABL Today

In the face of continuing bank regulation, alternative lending companies are launching to fill in the gaps. ABF Journal contributor Hugh Larratt-Smith examines the types of loans these lenders are providing and shows how ABL lenders can benefit by teaming up with these new players.

Western Alliance, Super G Support Glowpoint Recap

Glowpoint, a managed service provider of video collaboration and network applications, completed a recapitalization of its existing debt obligations supported by loans from Western Alliance and Super G Capital.