From Brick-and-Mortar to E-Commerce: Commercial Finance’s Evolving Role in Retail

Retail sales are moving from brick-and-mortar to the Internet. Opportunities still abound for commercial finance consultants, but Donald Barrick points out there are obstacles to be avoided in this new environment.

Bridging the Gap: Forming an Alternative Debt Financing Alliance

Patrick Dalton examines the changing role of alternative lenders in the rapidly evolving lending landscape. Due to regulatory constraints, he says it is often in the best interest of a borrower — and a senior lender — to form a strategic partnership with an alternative lender that has institutional knowledge of various asset classes.

International Factoring: Conquering the Last Frontier of Specialty Lending

Liquid Capital’s Scott Kaufman believes international factoring is now entering the mainstream, thanks
to greater process transparency. He outlines common fears associated with doing business overseas —
such as risk, regulation and expenses — and discusses strategies to alleviate international anxiety.

Asked to Exit or Want to Improve Terms — What to Look for When Seeking a New Lender

When a borrower has been underperforming — or performing better than projected — the need to find a new lender may arise, which creates a unique opportunity on both sides. Robert D. Katz, president of Executive Sounding Board Associates, walks us through the many considerations attendant to either scenario, whether borrower or lender.

Unique Funding Solution … A Multi-Tiered Approach For a Growing Company

Steve Tomasello, EVP, East Division president of Crestmark Bank, recounts a complicated transaction for a thermoforming company that required a customized solution and carefully timed, coordinated efforts by an experienced lending team.

Vying for Deals in a Specialized Arena — Why Crossroads is Leaving No Stone Unturned

With so many options for borrowers in today’s alternative and specialty lending environments, lenders need to develop a niche and be open to partnering with other financial partners to land new business in the competitive environment. Darren Palestine, director of sales and marketing director at Crossroads Financial, discusses creative solutions in the marketplace and how Crossroads recently worked with a factor to fund a unique deal, taking out the bank position in the process.

Lending to Restaurants Pitfalls in Perfecting Security Interests

Lenders have historically shied away from lending to restaurants for a variety of reasons, with the high restaurant failure rate ranking top among concerns. But as the restaurant industry is poised to experience its fifth consecutive year of growth, lenders should consider adding restaurants to their portfolios. Anderson Kill Attorney Inez M. Markovich discusses four potential pitfalls that jeopardize the priority of a lender’s security interest in a restaurant’s assets.

Transforming Diamonds to Quick Capital: The Alchemy of Luxury Asset Financing

Recognizing that small businesses are the economic engine for growth, luxury assets lending solves liquidity issues for entrepreneurs and asset-rich customers. Tom McDermott, chief commercial officer of Borro, discusses how this new form of lending works and who would benefit from this discreet source of capital.