Siena Provides $7.5MM ABL Facility for B&B Bachrach

Siena Lending Group closed a three-year $7.5 million asset-based revolving credit and FILO term loan facility for B&B Bachrach, a menswear retailer headquartered in Los Angeles.

Siena Provides Credit Facility to Encyclopaedia Britannica

Siena Lending Group completed a three-year senior secured credit facility for Encyclopædia Britannica and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Merriam-Webster.

Siena Lending Closes $10MM Facility for Geneva Watch Group

Siena Lending Group completed a $10 million credit facility for Geneva Watch Group to refinance its existing senior debt and to support its working capital needs.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship: Siena Lending and King Trade Capital Finance a Global Ski Company

Few would argue that today’s ABL market is highly competitive. But a little creativity can give a company that extra edge to capture a deal. When Armada Skis came to Siena Lending to obtain new financing, Director Steven Fuscaldo recognized that PO financing was required as a bridge to cover its merchandise in transit. He called on King Trade Capital, and the two companies created a partnership that benefited all three companies.

Siena Lending Provides $7MM Armada Skis ABL Facility

Siena Lending Group closed a $7 million credit facility for Armada Skis to refinance its existing senior debt and to support working capital needs.

Siena Lending Supplies $6.6MM DIP Facility to Lincoln Paper

Siena Lending Group completed a $6.6 million debtor-in-possession revolving credit facility for Lincoln Paper and Tissue.

Siena Completes AmerTac Revolver, Term Loan

Siena Lending Group completed a $14.5 million revolving and term loan facility for AmerTac Holdings.

Square 1 Bank Expands in Bay Area With New Hires

Square 1 Bank announced it added several key hires to its Bay Area team, including Laurie Lumenti Garty and Brad Smith as SVPs and Susan Tang and Rohit Goel as VPs.

Partnering for Growth: Siena Lending Brings ABL to Community Banks

Siena Lending Group employs a dual-prong model combining a traditional ABL balance sheet business with a customized servicing platform tailored for community banks. This enables a company that is seeking a financial solution to tap into the broader community banking universe along Siena, which has resulted in origination growth for both the bank and Siena.

Siena Lending Closes $6MM Revolver for Christmas by Krebs

Siena Lending Group announced the completion of a two-year $6 million senior secured revolving credit facility for Christmas by Krebs. The facility will be used to support the company’s seasonal working capital requirements.