The Ethics of Turnaround: Are Too Many Shades of Gray Affecting the Industry?

A strong sense of right and wrong is critical to restructuring a company in a way that benefits all stakeholders. Yet turnaround professional Robert Katz sees “shades of gray” becoming more prevalent and having a negative impact on the industry. He shares examples of these unsavory situations and points out ethical paths to avoid them.

Asked to Exit or Want to Improve Terms — What to Look for When Seeking a New Lender

When a borrower has been underperforming — or performing better than projected — the need to find a new lender may arise, which creates a unique opportunity on both sides. Robert D. Katz, president of Executive Sounding Board Associates, walks us through the many considerations attendant to either scenario, whether borrower or lender.

ESBA Announces Leadership Transition

Martin I. Katz and Executive Sounding Board Associates announced he will step aside from active leadership of the company. Robert D. Katz will assume the reins as president; Michael DuFrayne will take over as CEO.

Rob Katz Named Turnaround Professional of the Year

Executive Sounding Board Associates announced it recently received two awards, including the Turnaround Professional of the Year Award, which was presented to managing director Robert D. Katz, at the 2013 M&A Advisors Turnaround Awards.

2013 … Where Do We Go From Here? Finding Opportunities for a Profitable New Year

Despite ongoing economic concern throughout the U.S., Robert Katz and Marc Levee offer their thoughts on identifying opportunities to make 2013 profitable and prosperous. No question times might be tough, but your level of creativity will be one of the biggest differences between a mediocre or dazzling new year.