Avidbank Provides $8.3MM Credit Facilities to LightPath

Avidbank Specialty Finance, Avidbank’s technology and asset-based lending division, provided $8.3 million in credit facilities to LightPath Technologies, including a $7.3 million asset-based term loan and renewal of a $1 million asset-based line of credit.

Avidbank Provides New $5MM Term Loan to LightPath Technologies

Avidbank Specialty Finance provided LightPath Technologies with a $5 million term loan in addition to renewing an existing line of credit to support the company’s acquisition of ISP Optics.

Avidbank Corporate Finance Provides LightPath Tech Facility

LightPath Technologies secured a $2 million line of credit with Avidbank Corporate Finance, a division of Avidbank. The facility will be used for working capital flexibility and equipment acquisitions.