GemCap Provides $7.5MM Facility to NexGen

GemCap provided a $7.5 million revolving credit facility to NexGen Financial, a newly formed financial services provider located in Southern California, filling a unique position in the debt settlement space.

Super G Provides $2.5MM Seasonal Loan to Plant Grower

Super G Capital provided a $2.5 million seasonal loan to a producer of perennials, annuals and tropical plants and one of the largest greenhouse operations in the U.S.

GemCap Adds Factoring Portfolio, Opens Atlanta Office

GemCap acquired the portfolio of factor FTrans and hired the company’s team, enabling the company to expand into the factoring vertical and the Atlanta region.

Gemcap Funds Two Transactions Totaling $16.3MM

GemCap provided a $10 million inventory revolving asset-based line of credit and a $300,000 term loan against equipment to a Texas nursery.

Payplant Provides AR/PO Financing to Inpixon

Inpixon, an indoor positioning analytics company, entered into a receivables and purchase order funding agreement with Payplant and replaced its existing $1.4 million loan to Gemcap.

GemCap Funds $20.3MM in New Credit Facilities in Q4/16

GemCap closed $20.3 million in new credit facilities in Q4/16.

GemCap Funds $11MM Facility for LM Metals

GemCap funded an $11 million loan facility to LB Metals, a processor of strip mill plate.

GemCap Funds Inventory Facility to Online Retailer HYLETE

GemCap funded a $1.5 million inventory loan facility to HYLETE, a manufacturer and online retailer of athletic performance apparel.

GemCap Funds New $10MM Facility for Construction Company

Specialty lender GemCap funded a $10 million facility to a California-based construction company specializing in the oil and gas industry.

GemCap Funds Foundry Facility

GemCap funded a $9 million loan facility to an Iowa-based iron casting foundry, the facility is secured by A/R, inventory, machinery and equipment.