Choosing the Right Loan Structure — In a Borrower’s Market

Wells Fargo Capital Finance’s Barry Bobrow writes to the CFO to explain the benefits of stepping outside the traditional loan structure and into an asset-based facility. Using some case studies as an example, Bobrow is able to highlight why choosing an ABL structure better fits the needs of certain borrowers in an ever evolving market.

The Skinny About Workouts – De-Mystifying the Workout Banker’s Motivations

When a loan moves from “the line” to workout, the rules of the game change. While a transfer to workout does not necessarily mean that the bank has decided they don’t want the business anymore, it does mean that at a minimum the bank has a heightened level of concern about the borrower’s ability to continue to comply with the terms of their loan agreements. Carl Marks’ Kristina Anderson de-mystifies the workout banker’s motivations.

March 2004