Claims Trading Warps the Bankruptcy System Honest Debtors Are Hampered by “Self-Interested Meddlers”

The Bankrupcty Code was designed to enable honest debtors to reorganize and get a fresh start. But the growing number of claims traders purchasing these debts from lenders is warping the process, contends Kenneth A. Rosen, a nationally recognized bankruptcy expert.

The Ten Commandments of Chapter 11: Thou Shalt Invite Failure by Ignoring These Rules

Using the pages of the ABF Journal in place of two tablets of stone, Attorney Rocco Debitetto hands down the Ten Commandments of Chapter 11.

Uptick in Restructurings on the Horizon in 2016

According to AlixPartners’ 10th annual North American Restructuring Experts survey, 2016 may see an uptick in restructurings and corporate bankruptcy filings.

Italy Amends Bankruptcy Act to Facilitate Restructurings

Law firm Paul Hastings said Italy’s parliament finally passed a law decree amending various provisions of the 1942 bankruptcy act, the civil code and code of civil procedure.

The Quick Sale Devolution of Chapter 11: A Call to Amend Bankruptcy Code Sale Provisions

Lowenstein Sandler’s Ken Rosen addresses section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code, a provision that permits a bulk sale of all debtor assets. He asserts that rapid sales deprive debtors of the ability to utilize the tools of Chapter 11, which is not what Congress intended.

The Benefits of Branding: Unlocking a Vital Tool in the Turnaround Arsenal

Branding expert Ilan Geva explores the often overlooked importance of branding in a turnaround, citing key takeaways from the recent turnaround efforts of recognizable brands including RadioShack, McDonald’s, Blackberry and Twinkies.

U.S. ABL Facilities Demonstrate Full Recovery in Bankruptcy

According to a new Fitch Ratings report, U.S. asset-based lending (ABL) facilities present in a defaulted issuer’s capital structure demonstrated complete recoveries in a bankruptcy scenario.