AloStar Provides $8MM Revolver to GA-Based Manufacturer

AloStar funded an $8 million revolving credit facility for Fouts Brothers, a Georgia-based manufacturer of van bodies and municipal fire trucks.

AloStar Commits $10MM to Receivables Purchasing Firm

AloStar committed $10 million to a professional receivables purchasing and management firm.

AloStar Provides $6.5MM to Hercules Funding

AloStar provided a $6.5 million loan to Hercules Funding, an investment frim based in Palo Alto, CA.

AloStar Provides $20MM to Europa Sports Products

AloStar provided a $20 million commitment to Europa Sports Products, a sports nutrition distributor

Everbank Adds $25MM to Wells Fargo’s Expanded Hercules Credit Facility

Hercules Capital expanded its credit facility with Wells Fargo Capital Finance under which EverBank has committed $25 million, for a total of a $120 million in capacity under a $300 million accordion credit facility.

AloStar Provides $10MM to CapFlow Funding Group Managers

AloStar provided a $10 million commitment to commercial finance company CapFlow Funding Group.

AloStar Provides $14MM to Aerospace Manufacturing Group

AloStar provided a $14 million loan to Aerospace Manufacturing Group, an aerospace and defense focused enterprise based in Huntington Beach, CA.

AloStar Provides $10.7MM through Lender Finance Unit

AloStar has provided $10.7 million in capital to a new client through its lender finance unit, AloStar Lender Finance.

AloStar Funds Five Deals in Five Days Totaling $53.8 Million

AloStar funded five loans totaling $53.8 million in five business days.

AloStar Lender Finance Funds $15MM ABL to Stonemark Holdings

AloStar said it funded a $15 million commitment to Stonemark Holdings, a provider of insurance premium financing. The commitment was funded through AloStar Lender Finance.