AloStar Provides $15MM Facility to Refrigeration Provider

AloStar provided a $15 million committed credit facility to a comprehensive commercial refrigeration and HVAC solutions provider servicing the food industry.

AloStar Provides Senior Capital to FLOCK Specialty Finance

AloStar provided additional senior capital to FLOCK Specialty Finance as part of a major upgrade to its senior revolving credit facility agented by The PrivateBank.

AloStar Leads Syndicated Facility for Heritage Holdco

AloStar served as agent for a multibank revolving credit facility for Heritage Holdco, a national distributor of wholesale sports apparel.

AloStar Agents $36MM Facility for TruFood Manufacturing

AloStar agented a $36 million credit facility for TruFood Manufacturing, a leading snack food producer based in Pittsburgh.

AloStar Commits $20MM to Atlanticus Funding IV

AloStar recently provided a $20 million revolving commitment to Atlanticus Funding IV, a subsidiary of Atlanticus Holdings, which invests in companies in the financial services sector.

AloStar Commits $20MM to Shiekh Shoes

AloStar provided a $20 million commitment to Shiekh Shoes, a limited edition footwear and apparel retailer in Ontario, CA.

AloStar Funds Three Loans Totaling $40.5 Million

AloStar recently funded three deals totaling $40.5 million through its Capital Finance platform.

AloStar Provides $8MM Revolver to GA-Based Manufacturer

AloStar funded an $8 million revolving credit facility for Fouts Brothers, a Georgia-based manufacturer of van bodies and municipal fire trucks.

AloStar Commits $10MM to Receivables Purchasing Firm

AloStar committed $10 million to a professional receivables purchasing and management firm.

AloStar Provides $6.5MM to Hercules Funding

AloStar provided a $6.5 million loan to Hercules Funding, an investment frim based in Palo Alto, CA.