the right thyroid lobe was removed. After some time after the operation revealed a breast tumor. A biopsy showed the presence of cancer, and the woman pulled out a breast. Soon, however, she had breast tumors and small remaining thyroid left lobe. Natalia Petrovna new operations refused to ascertain the situation and came to help "Naran". The patient was given a strict diet that precludes the use of Yin and cold products (especially milk and yogurt), and all types price of acyclovir of cakes, according to the principle of a particular food. Sugar was replaced with honey. Food should be this bitter, hot and tasty flavor. spices (ginger, pepper, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, onions, garlic), river fish lean, lamb hot soups, ginger drink is recommended. In addition, programmed and herbal treatments (acupuncture, massage). During the first week of weight decreased by 2 kg. There were no significant changes in emotional state, apathy was gone, behind a zest for life, a carefree attitude.

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