New OCC ABL Handbook Lending: Guidance to Bankers, Examiners

Inez Markovich gives readers an overview on the OCC’s recently issued handbook on asset-based lending. She notes that financial institutions pursuing ABL transactions need to keep abreast of the current examination principles and, if necessary, strengthen internal procedures designed to improve the risk management of their ABL portfolios.

The Professional Field Examiner — The Unsung Hero in Commercial Finance

Rosenberg and Fecci Consulting’s Steven M. Rosenberg spoke with Joe Amorin, a seasoned field examination manager who retired from his post at JPMorgan Chase in 2011, to gain insight into the field exam profession, how it benefits lenders and borrowers, and how it has evolved for the better over the years.

KPMG Survey: Capital-Chasing & Creative Financing Options

According to a recent KPMG LLP survey, banks may be lending less, but alternative entities are lending more. These alternative sources of capital include hedge funds, business development companies, credit opportunity funds and the resurgence of collateralized loan obligations.

Partnering for Growth: Siena Lending Brings ABL to Community Banks

Siena Lending Group employs a dual-prong model combining a traditional ABL balance sheet business with a customized servicing platform tailored for community banks. This enables a company that is seeking a financial solution to tap into the broader community banking universe along Siena, which has resulted in origination growth for both the bank and Siena.

Crystal Financial… Leveraging a ‘Compelling Opportunity’ with Solar Capital Ltd.

The ABF Journal recently invited Ward Mooney, chief executive officer of Crystal Financial, to engage in a Q&A to provide our readers with some additional background into his one-year relationship with Solar Capital Ltd., while gaining insights into the current environment, the asset-based capital markets and what’s in store for 2014.

ABL Roundtable 2014: More of the Same Amid Signs of Improvement

Regular ABF Journal contributor Lisa Miller spoke with five ABL leaders to get their take on the outlook for ABL in 2014. All agree the environment continues to be impacted by excess liquidity and the challenge of finding new money opportunities; however, there is general agreement that clear signs of improvement are emerging.

Merchant Cash Advance Solution… How Tully’s Coffee Found Liquidity without a Traditional DIP Loan

When Tully’s Coffee found itself in a serious liquidity crisis and facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Deloitte CRG stepped in to secure a merchant cash advance. The authors provide insights into why this financing solution can be a perfect fit for any restaurant or retailer that lacks hard assets but has high credit card volume.

Bankruptcy: The Ultimate Buzz-Kill? Sobering Considerations for Financing the Marijuana Industry

Rocco I. Debitetto, partner at Hahn Loeser & Parks, lays out some of the legal pitfalls associated with financing the marijuana industry and how this new area of lending’s collision with bankruptcy raises more questions than answers.

Healthcare ABL — An Ever-Changing Industry Landscape

Two Wells Fargo Capital Finance Healthcare Finance insiders explain why lending to the massive healthcare sector presents extraordinary opportunity and risk, and is best managed by an experienced team that is not only knowledgeable about the industry, but also an active industry participant.

Split Collateral Intercreditor Agreements: Part 1 — The Current State of Play

In Part 1 of this two part series, Robert B. Stein introduces the split collateral lien structure and focuses on key provisions typically found in a split collateral intercreditor agreement, i.e., collateral pools, priority of rights issues, the senior lien holder’s right to exercise Article 9 remedies, and waterfall provisions.