Deal Charts

ABL Deal Chart 2015 Q1

Notable Transactions

Data gathered from direct sources, news releases and other public information (2015/01/01-2015/03/31)

Dollar amounts in millions

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2015/03/11 A2Z Wireless Holdings
Retailer/Wireless Phones
Alcentra Capital
11.3 Term Loan
2015/03/09 AAC Holdings
Provider/Substance Abuse Treatment
BofA Merrill, SunTrust
Joint Lead Arrangers & Joint Bookrunners
125.0 $50MM Revolver/$75MM Term Loan
Up to $200MM w/ accordion
2015/02/02 Accord Industries
Manufacturer/PVC Piping
MB Business Capital
5.8 Revolver
Alliance Holdings portfolio company
2015/01/07 Acme Lift
Re-Renter/Aerial Work Platforms & Telehandlers
PNC Bank, Wells Fargo Capital Finance
85.0 Revolver
$24.1MM note provided by Morgan Stanley Credit Partners II
2015/01/27 Advantage Sintered Metals/Contact Technologies
Manufacturers/Powdered Metal
The PrivateBank
16.0 Revolver
Merit Capital Partners portfolio companies
2015/02/10 AgMotion
Provider/Agri-Business Risk MGMT Services
U.S. Bank
45.0 ABL Revolver
2015/02/13 Aircraft Propeller Services
Provider/Aircraft Propeller System MRO
TCF Capital Funding
19.0 Revolver
Supports acquisition of new technologies; Iron Range Capital Partners portfolio company
2015/02/17 Almost Family
Provider/Home Health Nursing Services
JPMorgan Bank
Admin Agent
175.0 Revolver
5-year term; up to $425MM w/ accordion; lead bookrunner & arranger: J.P. Morgan Securities; joint lead arranger: BofA
2015/03/10 American Addiction Centers
Provider/Healthcare Services
BofA Merrill & SunTrust
Joint Bookrunners & Joint Lead Arrangers
125.0 $50MM Revolver/$75MM Term Loan
Up to $200MM w/accordion; Co-lenders: BMO, Raymond James, Texas Capital, Western Alliance & Reliant
2015/02/05 AQUAhydrate
Provider/Performance Lifestyle Beverage
Salus Capital Partners
10.0 Revolver
2015/03/09 Atlas Financial Holdings
Provider/Auto Insurance
Fifth Third Bank
35.0 $30MM Line of Credit/$5MM Revolver
Replaces existing revolver
2015/02/17 Atrenne Integrated Solutions
Provider/Custom Engineering Systems
Capital One Bank
Admin & Collateral Agent
56.5 Revolver
5-year term; supports acquisition of SIE Computing Solutions; RFE Investment Partners portfolio company; lead arranger: Credit Suisse Corporate Credit Solutions
2015/01/09 Axiall
Manufacturer/Chemicals & Building Products
GE Capital, Corporate Finance
Administrative Agent
600.0 Revolver
Co-lead arranger & joint bookrunner: GE Capital Markets
2015/03/25 Bachmann Industries
Producer/Model Train Sets
Webster Business Credit
10.0 Revolver
2015/01/20 BlackHawk Industrial
Provider/Manufacturing Services
NXT Capital
Admin Agent, Joint Lead Arranger & Joint Bookrunner
96.0 Revolver
Supports BlackHawk refi; Brazos Private Equity Partners portfolio company
2015/01/22 BNZ Materials
Manufacturer/Specialty Industrial Insulations
FirstMerit Bank Business Credit
6.0 Revolver/CapEx Facility
2015/01/05 Brighton Communications
Provider/Communications Services
30.0 Revolver
2-year term
2015/01/06 Brooks Brothers
Retailer/Luxury Apparel
TD Bank ABL Group
Joint Lead Arranger
250.0 Revolver
2015/02/17 California Products
Manufacturer/Paints & Architectural Coatings & Materials
BMO Harris, Sponsor Finance
Admin Agent, Sole Lead Aranger & Sole Bookrunner
70.0 Revolver
Delos Capital portfolio company
2015/02/04 CareDx
Provider/Molecular Diagnostic Solutions
East West Bank
20.0 Term Loan
3-year term
2015/02/27 Cascade Drilling Environmental Services
Provider/Drilling Services
GE Antares
Admin Agent
66.0 Revolver
Supports Snow Phipps Group acquisition
2015/03/13 Chassix Holdings
Provider/Automotive Machining
PNC Bank
250.0 Revolver
2015/03/12 Compass Datacenters
Provider/Data centers
CIT Group
135.0 Revolver
$25MM Facility Increase; Syndication Agent:KeyBank
2015/03/19 Connexity
Provider/Marketing Solutions
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
20.0 ABL Revolver
Supports Become acquisition and recap
2015/02/12 COOLA Organic Suncare
Manufacturer/Skin Care Products
Gerber Finance
5.0 Revolver
2015/01/12 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Operator/Country Stores & Restaurants
Wells Fargo Bank
Administrative Agent
750.0 Revolver
5-year term; joint lead arrangers and joint bookrunners: Wells Fargo Securities, Merrill Lynch & Rabobank
2015/03/27 Dean Foods
Distributor/Food & Beverage
Bank of America & Rabobank
450.0 Revolver
Up to $650MM w/accordion
2015/01/28 Defiance Metal Products
Manufacturer/Metal Products
LBC Credit
Admin Agent & Sole Lender
20.0 Term Loan
Supports recap; Taglich Private Equity portfolio company
2015/02/18 Diesel Direct
Distributor/Diesel Fuel
Monroe Capital
Admin Agent & Sole Lead Arranger
25.0 Revolver
Support shareholder buyout
2015/02/06 Ebix
Supplier/On-Demand Software & E-Commerce Services
Regions Capital Markets
Lead Arranger
190.0 Revolver
2015/01/13 Edge Fitness
Operator/Fitness Clubs
BMO Harris Bank, Sponsor Finance
Lead Arranger, Lead Bookrunner & Administrative Agent
36.4 Revolver
Norwest Equity Partners portfolio company
2015/01/21 Elite One Source Nutrisciences
Manufacturer/Nutritional Supplements
Square 1 Bank
15.2 Revolver
Supports Nutritional Laboratories International acquisition
2015/03/09 Eloquence
Provider/Diamonds & Gems
Rosenthal & Rosenthal
21.1 Revolver & Gold Lease
Refinances existing debt
2015/01/08 Entact
Provider/Field Remediation & Geotechnical Construction Services
BMO Harris Bank, Sponsor Finance
Co-Documentation Agent
101.0 Revolver
Austin Ventures portfolio company
2015/03/10 EVINE Live
Provider/Digital Commerce
PNC Bank & PrivateBank
90.0 $75MM Revolver/$15MM Term Loan
Up to $105MM w/accordion
2015/02/05 Exterran
Provider/Natural Gas Contract Compression Services
Wells Fargo Bank
Admin Agent
1500.0 $900MM Revolver/$150MM Term Loan
3-year term; join lead arrangers/bookrunners: Wells Fargo Securities, Credit Agricole CIB, J.P. Morgan Securities, RBC Capital Markets & RBS Securities
2015/03/06 Fairfield Castings
Manufacturer/Iron Castings
Big Shoulders Capital
9.0 ABL Revolver
2015/03/06 Farmer Bros.
Manufacturer/Coffee, Tea & Culinary Products
JPMorgan Chase
Admin Agent
75.0 Revolver
Syndication agent: SunTrust; up to $125MM w/ accordion
2015/03/13 First Nickel
Resource Capital Fund
15.5 Term Loan
Increases existing faciliy; refinances debt
2015/03/16 Foresight Reserves
Producer/Coal Energy
Deutsche Bank Securities
Lead Lender
750.0 $625MM Term Loan/$125MM ABL Revolver
Co-lender: Goldman Sachs; Refinances debt
2015/03/20 Furmanite
Provider/Industrial Services
Wells Fargo Bank
Admin agent
150.0 Revolver
Increases existing facility. Co-lenders: HSBC, BB&T and Bank of Texas
2015/03/02 GA Telesis
Provider/Aerospace Support Services
Lead Lender
150.0 Revolver
3-year term
2015/02/18 Genesis Healthcare
Provider/Short-Term, Post-Acute, Rehab, Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Services
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent
550.0 Revolver
Completes recent acquisition & expands rehab therapy business; sole bookrunner & lead arranger: GE
2015/03/16 Hanwha Q CELLS
Provider/Solar Power
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
20.0 Revolver
3-year term
2015/03/31 Harsco
Manufacturer/Metals, Rail, Energy
Citibank, JPMorgan Chase & HSBC
500.0 Revolver
Amends previous facility
2015/02/13 Higginbotham Brothers & Co.
Operator/True Value & Ace Hardware Stores
BBVA Compass, ABL Group
25.4 ABL Revolver
2015/03/27 InfuSystem Holdings
Provider/Medical Equipment
JPMorgan Chase Bank
45.0 $10MM ABL Revolver/$35MM Term Loan
5-year term
2015/01/20 Invacare
Distributor/Home & Long-Term Care Medical Products
PNC Bank
Admin Agent
100.0 ABL Revolver
3-year term; lenders: JPMorgan, KeyBank & Citizens
2015/03/04 Ixia
Provider/Technology Solutions
Silicon Valley Bank & Regions
Admin agent, Co-lead arrangers
100.0 $60MM Revolver/$40MM Term Loan
3-year; Up to $180MM w/accordion; co-lenders: Cadence, Barclays & Stifel
2015/02/17 JBT Corporation
Provider/Global Tech Solutions
Wells Fargo Bank
Admin Agent
450.0 Revolver
5-year term; up to $700MM w/ accordion; left lead arranger: Wells Fargo Sec; joint lead arrangers: JPM Sec & Merrill Lynch
2015/02/26 Jones Lang LaSalle
Provider/Professional Services
BMO Capital Markets, BofA Merrill
Co-Lead Arrangers
2000.0 Revolver
Increases existing facility; jt-lead arrangers: Barclays, RBS, Wells
2015/03/11 Kindred Healthcare
Provider/Healthcare Services
J.P. Morgan Securities
Lead Arranger & Lead Bookrunner
200.0 Term Loan
2015/03/06 Kindred Healthcare
Provider/Healthcare Services
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Admin & Collateral Agent
200.0 Term Loan
Sole Lead Arranger & Sole Bookrunner: J.P. Morgan Securities
2015/02/10 Land-Air Express
Provider/Delivery Services
MidCap Business Credit
7.5 ABL Revolver
2015/01/06 Lincoln Paper and Tissue
Producer/Deep-Dyed Tissue
Siena Lending Group
6.0 Revolver/Term Loan
2015/03/11 Manhattan Bridge Capital
Provider/Real Estate Finance
Webster Business Credit
14.0 Revolver
2015/02/13 Marina Landscape
Provider/Landscape Construction Services
Pacific Mercantile Bank
19.0 Revolver
2015/01/06 MAYCO Industries
Manufacturer/Non-Battery Lead Products
PNC Bank
26.5 $17MM ABL Revolver/$9.5MM Term Loan/Treasury MGMT Services
2015/02/20 Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Retailer/Luxury Brand Home Furnishings
Salus Capital Partners
40.0 Revolver
2015/03/02 Mitel
Provider/Cloud Communications Services
BofA Merrill, Credit Suisse
Lead Arrangers
700.0 Revolver/Term Loan
Supports merger with Mavenir
2015/03/16 Murray Energy
Producer/Coal Energy
Deutsche Bank Securities
Lead Lender
1600.0 Term Loan
Co-lender: Goldman Sachs; supports Foresight acquisition
2015/03/02 NetSmart
Provider/Health Services
Golub Capital
Senior Admin Agent, Joint Lead Arranger & Joint Bookrunner
250.0 Revolver
Supports recap by Genstar Capital
2015/03/06 Newfield Exploration
Developer/Energy Resources
J.P. Morgan Securities & Wells Fargo Securities
Joint Bookrunners and Joint Lead Arrangers
1800.0 Revolver
5-year term
2015/03/10 Newpark Resources
Provider/Energy Services
JPM, BofA, Wells, Comerica, Bank of Texas & Credit Suisse
200.0 Revolver
Up to $325MM w/accordion
2015/01/28 Nouveau Eyewear
Distributor/Optical Frames
Marquette Business Credit
5.0 Revolver
SunTx Capital Partners portfolio company
2015/01/29 Oilfield Water Logistics
Provider/Water Infrastructure Services
Texas Capital Bank
250.0 Revolver
Natural Gas Partners portfolio company
2015/03/12 ONEOK Partners
Provider/Energy Resources
Citibank, BofA, Barclays, JPM, Morgan Stanley, RBS, UBS, Wells
Lead Bank
2400.0 Revolver
2015/01/22 Paramount Building Solutions
Provider/Janitorial Services
FirstMerit Bank Business Credit
7.5 Revolver/CapEx Facility
LaSalle Capital Group portfolio company
2015/02/13 Patrick James, Inc.
Retailer/Men's Apparel
Marquette Business Credit
5.0 Revolver/Term Loan
2015/01/27 Patriot National
Provider/Workers' Comp Services
BMO Harris Bank
Lead Lender
80.0 $40MM Revolver/$40MM Term Loan
5-year term
2015/03/20 PCS Wireless
Re-Manufacturer/Wireless Devices
White Oak Global Advisors
100.0 Revolver
2015/02/05 Phoenix Footwear Group
NewStar Business Credit
9.0 $8MM Revolver/$1MM Term Loan
2015/01/08 Quest Solution
Provider/Data Collection Systems Tech Solutions
Wells Fargo Bank
8.0 Revolver
2015/03/09 Readerlink Distribution Services
BofA Merrill Lynch
Joint Lead Arranger, Joint Bookrunner & Syndication Agent
150.0 Revolver
Supports Baker & Taylor acquisition
2015/01/08 RelaDyne
Distributor/Fuel & Lubricant
U.S. Bank
75.0 ABL Revolver
2015/01/19 Remprex
Provider/Tech Services
Crystal Financial
Admin Agent
22.0 Term Loan
2015/01/05 Resolute Energy
Developer/Oil & Gas Properties
BMO Capital Markets
Sole Arranger
480.0 $330MM Revolver/$150MMTerm Loan
5-year term; up to $680MM w/ accordion; participant: Highbridge Principal Strategies
2015/01/09 Resource Label Group
Manufacturer/Pressure Sensitive Labels
BMO Harris Bank, Sponsor Finance & NXT Capital
Joint Lead Arrangers & Joint Bookrunners
130.0 Revolver
First Atlantic Capital portfolio company; syndication agent: BMO Harris SF; admin agent: NXT Capital
2015/01/30 Richardson Foods
Manufacturer/Niche Branded Confectionary Products
Webster Business Credit
5.3 Revolver
2015/03/12 RJC
GE Capital
13.0 $11MM Term Loan/$2MM Revolver
2015/01/22 RTA Furniture Distributors
Retailer/Furniture & Cabinetry
NewStar Business Credit
6.0 Revolver
2015/02/02 Ryder System
Provider/Fleet MGMT Services
BofA Merrill, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, BNP Paribas, Mizuho Corporate Bank, RBC, RBS, US Bank & Wells Fargo
Joint Lead Arrangers
1200.0 Revolver
5-year term
2015/03/11 Saia
Provider/Freight Services
SunTrust, JPM, BofA, PNC, Regions & BOKF
250.0 Revolver
Up to $325MM w/accordion
2015/03/18 Select Staffing
Citizens Bank
Joint Lead Arranger & Co-Collateral Agent
180.0 Revolver
Supports EmployBridge merger
2015/02/13 Sera Prognostics
Provider/Biotech Solutions
Square 1 Bank
10.0 Revolver
Supports commercialization efforts
2015/01/30 SGI
Provider/Data Analytics Solutions
Tennenbaum Capital Partners
Lead Lender
70.0 Term Loan
3.5-year term; sole lead arranger and bookrunner: Morgan Stanley Senior Funding
2015/03/11 Skagit Gardens
Provider/Plants & Nursery
NewStar Business Credit
6.0 Revolver
2015/01/08 Solexel
Producer/Solar Cells
Opus Bank, Technology Banking
25.0 Revolver
2015/02/05 Stein Mart
Retailer/Apparel, Accessories, Shoes & Home Fashions
Wells Fargo Bank
250.0 Revolver
5-year term; Wells Fargo EF provides $25MM equip term loan
2015/03/16 Sterling Construction
Provider/Civil Construction
Comerica Bank
35.0 Revolver
Reduces existing facility
2015/02/19 Sullivan
Distributor/Home Décor Products
TCF Capital Funding
21.5 Revolver
Supports Fort Point Capital investment
2015/02/19 Sunshine Heart
Provider/Medical Devices
Silicon Valley Bank
10.0 Revolver
2-year term
2015/03/10 TearLab
Manufacturer/Healthcare Technology
35.0 Term Loan
6-year term
2015/02/03 TerraForm Power Operating
Provider/Renewable Energy Solutions
Admin Agent & Joint Lead Arranger
550.0 Revolver
5-year term; up to $725MM w/ accordion; co-doc agents: KeyBank & RBC; participants: BofA Merrill, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie & Morgan Stanley
2015/02/26 The Sandbox Group
Provider/Marketing Communications Services
Monroe Capital
Admin Agent & Sole Lead Arranger
27.0 Revolver
2015/01/06 ThermiAesthetics
Provider/Aesthetic Technology Solutions
Silicon Valley Bank
5.0 Revolver
Supports additional FDA applications
2015/01/23 U.S. Cellular
Provider/Wireless Products & Services
Admin Agent, Lead Arranger & Bookrunner
225.0 Term Loan
2015/01/07 Universal Corporation
Supplier/Leaf Tobacco
J.P. Morgan Securities, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey & AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
Lead Lenders
710.0 $340MM Revolver/$370MM Term Loans
5-year revolver; 5-year $150MM TL; 7-year $220MM TL
2015/03/18 Univita Health
Provider/Home Healthcare
Genstar Capital
40.0 Revolver
Co-lender: Private""
2015/01/08 Unlimited Care
Provider/Home Healthcare Services
Gemino Healthcare Finance
8.0 Revolver
2015/02/06 USA Truck
Provider/Transportation & Logistics
BofA Merrill
Admin Agent
170.0 Revolver
Up to $250MM w/ accordion; participants: SunTrust Bank, PNC Bank & BMO Harris Bank
2015/01/27 USGI Medical
Developer/Incisionless Surgery Tech Solutions
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent
19.5 Revolver
Syndicate partner: East West Bank
2015/02/03 Variety Distributors
Distributor/Cooperative-Based General Merchandise
Marquette Business Credit
6.0 Revolver
2015/03/30 ViaWest Facilities
Provider/Communication Services
TD Securities & RBC Capital Markets
Joint Lead Arrangers
480.0 $395MM Term Loan/$85M Revolver
Refinances debt
2015/01/29 Vita Healthcare Group
Provider/Sub-Acute Rehab Care Services
Oxford Finance
7.4 Term Loan
Supports purchase of Diamond Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Troy, NY
2015/03/18 Wayne Bailey
Producer/Sweet Potatoes
Siena Lending Group
8.0 Revolver
2015/01/29 Westmoreland Coal
Provider/Coal Mining Services
Bank of Montreal
Admin Agent
425.0 Term Loan