Daily News: March 25, 2015

Victory Park is Investment Manager, VPC Specialty Lending IPO

Victory Park Capital Advisors was retained by a newly formed, UK-based investment company to serve as investment manager. The company, VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC, announced completion of its IPO of ordinary shares on the main market of the London Stock Exchange on March 13.

As investment manager, Victory Park Capital will be charged with investing approximately $300 million in opportunities within the specialty lending market primarily through online lending platforms.

“The significant growth in the specialty lending market through consumer and small business and direct lending electronic platforms and the success of the listing is a strong endorsement of our established track record and experience,” said Brendan Carroll, senior partner at Victory Park Capital. “We have a robust pipeline of investment opportunities, but are seeking to add others where we can back a capable management team with a sound business model, allowing us an attractive income stream coupled with the potential for capital appreciation.”

Richard Levy, CEO and founder of Victory Park Capital, added, “The public vehicle is a good strategic fit for our platform, giving us the ability to offer longer-term capital to our borrowers.”

Since 2010, Victory Park Capital has been actively involved in the specialty lending marketplace and has made more than $2.2 billion of investments and commitments across a number of financial technology platforms, multiple geographies (U.S., U.K. and Europe), products (consumer and business) and structures (whole loans and senior credit facilities).