Daily News: August 14, 2013

US Capital Provides Term Loan for Chantilly BioPharma

US Capital Partners provided an expansive term loan financing for Chantilly BioPharma (CBL), headquartered in Chantilly, VA.

“Our company is engaged in the development, manufacturing, commercialization, licensing, and marketing of proprietary technologies and products for a wide range of pharmaceuticals,” said S. Rao Cherukuri, founder and chairman of CBL. “We have been expanding the business in both the retail and non-retail segments, and needed financing for capital expenditure and to support our growing working capital needs. We approached US Capital Partners for help and are extremely pleased with the result.”

“We are delighted to have provided financing for this Virginia-based specialty pharmaceutical company,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO and managing director at US Capital Partners. “CBL needed our expertise to structure, underwrite, and provide optimal financing to support its continued business growth. US Capital Partners provided expansive term loan financing for CBL, and expedited the timeline to close upon completion of its appraisal report on the business.”

Chantilly BioPharma develops, manufactures and markets generic pharmaceuticals and controlled substances using oral drug delivery techniques, including taste masking and controlled release platforms.