Daily News: June 11, 2014

US Capital Partners Provides Credit Line for Bushman Farms

US Capital Partners provided a $5 million accounts receivable and inventory line of credit for Fort Atkinson, IA-based Bushman Organic Farms.

“We are delighted to have structured and provided a $5 million scalable line of credit for Bushman Organics,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO and Managing Director at US Capital Partners. “This transaction was more complex than usual because of the structure of the business, which is made up of several subsidiary and related companies. After looking at this transaction from a global perspective and analyzing the 27 other entities owned by the principal, US Capital Partners was able to provide an accounts receivable and inventory line of credit that can be scaled as Bushman Organics continues to grow through acquisition or organic expansion.”

Bushman Organics is a privately owned company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing organic soy products for the poultry and dairy industries.