Daily News: February 20, 2015

Ultegra Financial Provides Term Loan for Fuel Refinery

Ultegra Financial Partners has provided a $1 million real estate term loan and $500,000 cash-flow term loan for a national alternative fuel and feedstock refinery and conversion company. Ultegra is also positioned to provide an additional $2 million in working capital by leveraging the company’s machinery and equipment.

The company’s exponential growth was stunted due to cash constraints. With the multitude of government regulations surrounding the alternative fuels industry, the company was looking to Ultegra for financing to maintain its strong growth trajectory. Ultegra was able to visualize the future growth potential of the company and assess the credit strength of the company and the principals of the transaction. By leveraging the real estate assets, machinery and equipment and the cash-flow of the company, Ultegra was able to invest into a financing opportunity for a criticized industry where other financing firms would typically deem too risky.

“We are extremely pleased to have provided a term loan for this company,” said Muhammad Howard, managing partner at Ultegra FInancial Partners. “This transaction is extremely complex due to the various relationships and entities along with governmental policies regulating the industry but we were able to successfully understand the opportunity, underwrite the transaction and provide financing to help the Company reach the next stage in their growth cycle. We are proud to be partners with such an environmentally-oriented company backed by a prestigious management team.”

The company specializes in renewable fuel products.

Ultegra Financial Partners is a private investment bank.