Daily News: December 11, 2014

Triumph Healthcare Finance Provides Credit Line to ScripsAmerica

ScripsAmerica announced that the company has secured a $4 million line of credit from Triumph Healthcare Finance. The line of credit will be used by ScripsAmerica to fund the expansion of its specialty pharmacy operations in the U.S. and pay off its current high interest debt.

“We view our collaboration with ScripsAmerica not just as a loan, but as the beginning of a value-added relationship,” stated Jennifer Sheasgreen, president of Triumph Healthcare Finance.

Bob Schneiderman, CEO of ScripsAmerica, added, “Given our specialty pharmacy division’s tremendously successful year and ScripsAmerica’s plan to sustain this growth in 2015, it is a positive and logical step to partner with a leading financial institution and gain access to additional working capital to fund our expansion efforts.”