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Daily News: July 29, 2016

Tiger Group to Hold Auction for TS3 Technology Assets

Tiger Capital Group’s Commercial and Industrial division will conduct an online auction on August 2, 2016 for the assets of TS3 Technologies, a contract manufacturer that specialized in electromechanical assembly, PCB assembly, wire harness and repair/upgrade services to military, industrial and consumer markets.

“TS3 had a large amount of well-maintained, late model equipment, making this auction a great opportunity for anybody in the SMT or wire harness business,” said Andy Babcock, director of Transition Advisory Services at Tiger Capital Group.

The sale will include the assets of a well-equipped, 70,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing and warehouse facility near Houston complete with two complete Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) lines, manufacturing support equipment, office equipment, customer-specific inventory and testing equipment valued at $2.7 million, as well as accounts receivable, customer contracts and certain intellectual property

For a full catalog of the items offered and details on how to schedule a site visit and bid, go to