Daily News: July 27, 2016

Tiger Capital Provides Operating Capital to Retailer

Tiger Capital Group provided special project financing for a high-volume program focused on refurbishing and reselling all of the display and returned televisions of one of the nation’s largest brick and mortar retailers. The recipient of the capital infusion is TTP, a subsidiary of Wood Dale, IL-based Hyper Microsystems, a privately owned specialist in reverse logistics.

“In addition to providing asset appraisal and disposition services to a broad range of industrial and consumer products clients, Tiger is always looking to leverage its substantial capital resources to forge new partnerships,” said Bob DeAngelis, Tiger Capital Group executive managing director. “Hyper Microsystems’ low-volatility retail program processes a substantial volume of refurbished consumer electronics annually. It has a solid return profile and is a nice strategic fit for our firm.”

“The partnership is timely given national retailers’ growing need for informed and sophisticated approaches to the sale of display goods and returned merchandise,” said Hyper Microsystems founder Gregory Yurovsky. “The top chains are no longer content to auction returned merchandise and unboxed shelf display products.”