Daily News: June 6, 2016

Terex Terminates Securitization Facility

Terex terminated its securitization facility dated May 28, 2015 with TFS Funding I as borrower, Terex Financial Services, Institutional Secured Funding as conduit lender, Credit Suisse (Cayman Islands Branch) as committed lender and Credit Suisse (New York Branch).

Terex terminated the securitization facility because it was not providing the flexibility needed for its portfolio of assets. Under the facility, TFS Funding I received loans from time to time from either the conduit lender or the committed lender. The limit for such loans was $350 million. There were no early termination penalties associated with the termination.

Credit Suisse, or its affiliates, and certain lenders, or their affiliates, are party to other agreements with the company and its subsidiaries, including the provision of commercial banking, investment banking, trustee and/or other financial services in the ordinary course of business of the company and its subsidiaries.