Daily News: December 23, 2013

TD Bank Leads Pulse Seismic Revolver Extension

Pulse Seismic announced it extended its $50 million revolving credit facility with a syndicate led by TD Bank and including ATB Financial. The balance owing on the facility is $21.1 million, leaving $28.9 million available for future draws.

Originally entered into in February 2013, the facility was initially structured as a three-year extendible facility with a maturity date of February 13, 2016. The lenders approved the extension of the maturity date to February 13, 2017. In conjunction with the renewal, the four-tier margin structure was improved. The margin structure is based on the Total Debt to Adjusted EBITDA covenant calculation. Applicable margins for interest rates and stand-by fees have been reduced for the top three tiers and will result in future cash savings.

Other highlights of the facility continue to be: an accordion feature allowing Pulse to increase the facility’s size by up to an additional $20 million, subject to the consent of the lenders; no regularly scheduled payments against the revolving facility’s principal balance and no prepayment penalties, with voluntary payments permitted at any time.

“This extension, and the related interest rate reduction, confirms the continued support of Pulse’s business model by the lender group,” commented Neal Coleman, Pulse’s president and CEO. “It keeps us well-positioned to pursue future growth opportunities that meet the company’s strict criteria for value.”

Pulse acquisitions, markets and licenses 2D and 3D seismic data to the western Canadian energy sector.