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Daily News: September 16, 2014

SunTrust Names Gould Head of Equity Syndicate

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey announced the addition of industry veteran Timothy Gould as managing director and head of equity syndicate as part of a growing Equity Capital Markets team.

Gould joins STRH after more than 28 years of industry experience with Lehman Brothers and Macquarie Capital.

“The addition of a financial services veteran with Tim’s pedigree demonstrates our continued commitment to hiring seasoned industry experts as we expand our equity capital markets team,” said Glenn Stewart, head of Syndicate at STRH. “His leadership, marketing skills and expertise in equity syndicate and capital markets are unrivaled and will further enhance client relationships and the business objectives of STRH.”

Gould is a highly respected veteran, globally recognized for a keen understanding of equity markets, institutional accounts and the equity capital formation process. He spent 23 years at Lehman Brothers Holdings, where he served as the head of North American syndicate. During that time, he was responsible for originating and marketing all equity and equity-related products. Most recently, Gould was the Head of U.S. Equity Capital and Syndicate markets at Macquarie Capital.