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Daily News: November 6, 2014

Spada Joins Santander as ABL Head

Santander Bank announced Albert Spada was named managing director and head of ABL. Prior to joining, Spada was with RBS Citizens Business Capital working as a SVP and a national sales leader. Spada also held many executive-level positions at CIT Commercial, GE Commercial Finance, The Bank of New York and Goldman Sachs.

Santander’s ABL business is a full-service provider with a highly diversified portfolio and expertise in seafood, wholesale trade and financial services. ABL is a key growth business for Santander’s corporate banking division.

“Al comes to Santander with a tremendous amount of experience in helping clients meet their capital goals,” said Michael A. Lee, managing director, commercial banking and real estate at Santander. “We’re very happy he’ll be applying that knowledge to our ABL division, which serves businesses across so many industries and countries.”

“We are pleased to bring Al on board to spearhead ABL,” said Juan Davila, head of specialty banking at Santander. “His industry experience will be a great asset as we continue to grow this important business that provides capital, industry expertise and excellent service to our customers in a multitude of industries.”