Daily News: June 17, 2013

Small Business Credit Health Improving In 2013

The credit health of U.S. small businesses has improved thus far in 2013, according Direct Capital, whose internal data shows that the average credit score for small businesses rose over 2012 from January to May 2013. That matches a recent report from credit monitoring giant Experian, which shows that the average credit score rose 4.5% from January to March of 2013 over the first quarter of 2012, Direct Capital said.

The rise in credit scores corresponds with increases in small business lending demand, small business financing approvals and consumer confidence in 2013, according to Direct Capital.

“The dual rise of credit health and lending approvals for small businesses makes it clear that we’re seeing real gains through the first five months of 2013,” said Stephen Lankler, senior vice president of Direct Capital. “Knowing that credit health is improving only fuels that optimism going forward.”