Daily News: September 19, 2014

Signature Bank Named Best Business Bank

Signature Bank was named Best Business Bank by the New York Law Journal in the publication’s fifth annual reader survey. The bank also ranked second in both the Best Private Bank and Best Attorney Escrow Service Provider categories.

For the past five years, since the survey was first introduced by the New York Law Journal , Signature Bank has continually secured a position among the top three in each of the categories in which it ranked, culminating in its Best Business Bank status this year.

The rankings, which appeared in the September 17, 2014, issue were based solely on votes cast by more than 8,000 readers, which comprise attorneys and other legal professionals. Readers were given the opportunity to vote in 90+ legal-related categories. In addition to those categories in which Signature Bank ranked, others included areas such as litigation support, consulting and outsourcing, technology, recruiting and staffing, research, accounting, real estate, mediation and education. While the rankings are not a scientific survey of the marketplace, the process is purely democratic, and the results represent the candid opinions of New York Law Journal readers.

“Signature Bank has been dedicated to serving legal professionals since its inception in 2001. Legal practices are an integral part of our professional services client base, and it is gratifying to see these results from readers of the New York Law Journal , as they reflect the opinions of many of our clients. We believe our attention to client care mirrors that of the legal industry’s dedication to its own clients, and therefore, has afforded Signature Bank the privilege of being named Best Business Bank,” noted Joseph J. DePaolo, Signature Bank president and CEO.

“This survey demonstrates firsthand the commitment and capabilities of our private client banking teams in serving as a single point of contact for their clients. And, through this voting process, our clients have in turn shown their appreciation for the level of service and attention we bring them. We thank our legal clients for their ongoing support and the New York Law Journal for this opportunity and prestigious recognition,” DePaolo said.