Daily News: November 12, 2014

Salus Provides $1.5B in Commitments Since Inception

Salus Capital Partners celebrates its third anniversary in November. Established in November 2011 as a subsidiary of Harbinger Group, Salus was founded with the mission to provide transformational lending ideas that afford borrowers the greatest opportunity to focus on the future of their business.

Since inception, Salus has provided more than $1.5 billion in loan commitments to more than 55 companies in the U.S. and Canada for purposes including traditional working capital, emerging growth capital, re-capitalizations, M&A transactions, DIP financing and middle-stage turnarounds.

Salus Capital has grown from five co-founders to a team of more than 45 committed and experienced professionals. Salus has also earned numerous accolades over the three years, including recognition for industry leadership, successful restructurings and reorganizations, notable consumer, retail, and manufacturing financings, and distinguished M&A transactions.

“I am incredibly proud of the inspired alternative to traditional asset-based lending we’ve created at Salus,” said Andrew H. Moser, co-founder, president and CEO at Salus Capital. “Borrowers want viable solutions offering increased liquidity and timely access to decision makers. We’ve redefined the lending relationship through our Listen, Learn, Lend philosophy, which ensures Salus and borrowers have aligned interests and are vested in each other’s long term success.”

“We see a progressively developing pipeline of opportunities, from healthy companies seeking growth capital to distressed companies in turnaround situations,” said Marc S. Price, co-founder, EVP, loan originations and corporate strategy at Salus Capital. “Our entrepreneurial platform, coupled with a leadership team that has worked together for almost 25 years, provides prudent and consistent decision-making that we believe has Salus well positioned for years ahead.”

“With multiple sources of strategic investor capital in place to provide long-term scalability, the firm is well prepared to continue its growth trajectory in 2015 and beyond,” added Moser.