Daily News: November 13, 2013

PNC Agents $125MM Motorcar Parts of America Facility

Motorcar Parts of America announced it entered into an amended and restated $125 million credit facility, comprised of a $95 million term loan and a $30 million revolving credit facility, with Cerberus Business Finance as collateral agent and PNC Bank National Association, a member of the PNC Finance Services Group, as administrative agent.

The amended and restated credit facility replaces a $125 million credit facility comprised of a $105 million term loan and a $20 million revolver.

Based on current interest rates, the interest rate for the new term loan is 6.75 percent, consisting of a LIBOR floor of 1.50 percent plus a margin of 5.25 percent. The revolving credit facility interest rate is LIBOR plus a margin of 2.50 percent. This represents a saving of approximately 3.75 percent for the term loan and 0.5 percent on the revolver. At closing, the company had a $95 million term loan outstanding in addition to $10 million of borrowings on the revolving credit facility, with a blended interest rate currently of approximately 6.4 percent. The company had approximately $30 million of cash on hand at closing.

“The amended and restated credit facility reduces our blended rates by approximately 4 percent and also gives the company the flexibility to repurchase stock and to pay down an incremental $10 million of the term loan within the next 120 days. The new facility will result in reduced interest expense and provides greater financial flexibility to execute management’s strategic growth plans,” said Selwyn Joffe, chairman, president and chief executive officer.

In conjunction with entering into the amended and restated financing agreement, the company incurred various fees and expenses, including a pre-payment premium stipulated in the original loan agreement of approximately $3 million on the company’s prior credit facility.

Motorcar Parts of America is a remanufacturer, manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket parts.