Daily News: August 15, 2014

Natixis Agents WhiteHorse Revolver Amendment

WhiteHorse Finance announced its wholly owned subsidiary, WhiteHorse Finance Warehouse, amended the terms of its secured revolving credit facility to lower borrowing costs and provide more flexibility.

Specifically, the facility’s reinvestment period was extended by six months to March 27, 2015, with the option for WhiteHorse Finance Warehouse, LLC to extend it by an additional six months to September 27, 2015. The final maturity date was extended by one year to September 27, 2021. In addition, the amendment increases the company’s ability to borrow on a consolidated basis under certain conditions by reducing certain concentration limitations, and lowers the company’s consolidated cost of capital through a reduction of its unused line fee by 25 basis points.

The size of the secured revolving credit facility remains unchanged at $150 million. The amendment adds an accordion feature which allows for the expansion of the facility up to $200 million subject to consent from the lenders and other customary conditions.

Jay Carvell, WhiteHorse Finance’s CEO, commented, “We believe that this amendment will provide us with continued financial flexibility to grow our investment portfolio and execute on our investment objectives. We greatly appreciate the support of Natixis, New York Branch, who serves as our Facility Agent and all of our existing lenders.”