Daily News: April 7, 2015

Moses & Singer Welcomes New Corporate Partners

Moses & Singer announced that Mildred Quinones-Holmes and Jonathan B. Ross joined the firm as partners in the corporate trust and banking and finance practices. They will enhance the firm’s existing service offerings with their years of U.S. and international banking and corporate trust experience, including in connection with debt issuance, refinance and maturity, transaction maintenance, taxregulatory issues, investorlender issues, fiduciary claims and workout, default and bankruptcy.

Mildred Quinones-Holmes serves both international and domestic financial institutions in their capacity as indenture trustees, collateral and security agents, fiscal and paying agents, co-issuers of structured or securitized products, securities intermediaries and custodians, administrative agents and escrow agents. She has an extensive background in corporate trust as a managing counsel for the global agency and trust business at Bank of New York and Citibank and, most recently, as a former partner at a major law firm’s Commercial & Public Finance Group. In these positions she focused on matters related to defaulted debt, structured finance, CDO’s, corporate finance, international finance, project finance, conventional debt and escrow product lines.

Jonathan B. Ross advises clients with respect to capital markets transactions and strategic business planning. Jonathan has served as a law firm partner since 2010. In addition, he gained in-house experience at two global banks. Ross’ practice consists of advising agents, bondholders, trustees and issuers in connection with structuring, collateral, ongoing deal maintenance and disputes relating to securitized collateralized bond issues across most major asset classes; syndicated project finance and aircraft finance lending; and related regulatory and tax issues, including FATCA, Reg W, AIFMD and Volcker Rule compliance.

Ross brings substantial cross-border experience to the firm, with particular expertise in Latin America-US finance transactions. He has worked in London, Paris and New York and is admitted as a lawyer in New York, England & Wales (Solicitor) and Ireland (not practicing).