Daily News: January 30, 2014

ML Capital, LSQ Funding Announce Partnership

ML Capital Group announced it established a partner relationship with LSQ Funding.

The relationship between LSQ and the company establishes MLCG as a corresponding referral partner whereby it will generate revenues from all business it places with LSQ.

“LSQ is a very well-established and highly respected finance company. As we continue to grow our client base and help companies expand, having a close relationship with a flexible and trusted financing partner becomes very valuable. Working with LSQ will be very rewarding as we’re dedicated to creating opportunity and value for our clients as well as our loyal shareholders. We’re ecstatic about this relationship and the potential it provides,” stated Lisa Nelson, ML Capital president and CEO.

Julie Gaines, SVP of LSQ Funding, stated, “We’ve known MLCG awhile now and we are very happy that we’ve established this relationship with them. ML Capital Group is a great partner for us and we’re particularly thrilled about the growth-oriented focus it provides to both of our companies.”