Daily News: December 17, 2014

MB Business Capital Funding Supports Saran Acquisition

MB Business Capital recently provided a facility to Saran Acquisition to facilitate the acquisition of Saran Industries by Titan Equity Partners and fund ongoing working capital. Victory Park Capital provided term debt for the transaction.

Anthony R. Pesavento, managing partner of Titan Equity Partners, commented, “MB Business Capital may be the new name, but the team has the pedigree and professionalism to deliver thoughtful, flexible solutions for middle-market businesses. We’re frequent borrowers and we consider our MB relationship to be one of our key business assets.”

Michael Sharkey, president of MB Business Capital said, “We are extremely pleased to have Titan Equity as one of our trusted Key Partners and Saran Acquisition as a new customer. We really appreciate their focus on growth and we feel that MB Business Capital was able to provide not just financing, but a long term tailored solution that will enable them to achieve their immediate and long term goals.”

Saran is now a portfolio company of Titan Equity Partners, a private equity firm located in Chicago, Illinois that serves the middle market. They seek investments in consumer product manufacturers, food manufacturers, specialty distributors and unique service providers. Titan works with management to craft pro-active strategic plans. Titan Equity Partners recognizes management’s pivotal role in the value creation process and views it as essential that key managers participate meaningfully in the equity returns of the enterprise.