Daily News: November 17, 2017

InterNex Capital Launches ICloud Financial Tool

Digital asset-based lender InterNex Capital launched its Velocity platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Velocity will provide borrowers on-demand liquidity through the InterNex line of credit and deliver real-time access for working capital management. It will empower accelerated growth and powerful analytics, traditionally only available to large enterprises.

Customers will have access to business insights through data visualization, cash management and automated reporting, and integration with accounting systems to simplify daily operations.

“Velocity is a product of innovation that is designed to assist clients with managing their business and improving their cash flow to increase overall sales. We are excited to support our borrowers via technology that delivers insights into their businesses and provides financial benefits to their operations,” said Jim Miller, co-founder and chief technology officer at InterNex. “Our clients look to Velocity not only to solve ongoing working capital needs but also to streamline their daily operations.”

InterNex Capital is an asset-based digital lender providing revolving lines of credit from $250,000 to $5 million to small- and medium-sized businesses in B2B industries ranging from wholesalers to businesses services.