Daily News: February 21, 2014

HGP Manages Industry Turbine Auction Sale

Heritage Global Partners (HGP) announced that it was retained by concentrated solar power tower technology provider eSolar to manage the upcoming sale of its turbine. The Siemens Industrial Steam Turbine SST-400, which originally sold for in excess of $11 million, has never been run and is being offered to the highest bidder in its original crating.

The sale runs 7 a.m. MT on March 4 to 10 a.m. MT March 5.

“Heritage Global’s unique upcoming online auction sale features a never-been-used Siemens Steam Turbine SST-400 that can be utilized by organizations participating across a multitude of different industries. We expect this auction to appeal to a very wide range of potential buyers based around the world,” stated David Barkoff, Heritage Global Partners director of sales.

In addition to usage in CSP plants, typical applications for the SST-400 include industrial power plants, such as captive power plants in the chemical, sugar, textile, pulp and paper and steel industries. The steam turbine can also be used in cogeneration and district heating plants, geothermal power, biomass plants and combined cycle power plants, among other industries and applications.

The SST-400 is a single-casing steam turbine, providing geared or direct drive to 50 Hz and 60 Hz generators, or to compressors and pumps. Its symmetrical casing includes a horizontal joint flange enabling it to accept short start-up times and rapid load changes. The modular package design allows a wide variety of configurations to satisfy the customer’s individual needs in the most economical way. Additionally, utilization of selected proven components assures high reliability and easy maintenance.