Daily News: April 14, 2015

H.I.G. Capital Completes Sale of Dent Wizard

H.I.G. Middle Market announced that its affiliate has completed the sale of Dent Wizard International to Gridiron Capital.

H.I.G. Capital Managing Director Fraser Preston commented, “Dent Wizard is an exceptional company with a bright future. We are proud of the work we did in partnership with the very talented management team to carve the business out of the corporate parent, reverse the negative growth trajectory at the time of our acquisition, and substantially increase EBITDA over the course of our four year ownership. This investment will provide an attractive return for H.I.G. and its investors, which is a testament to Dent Wizard’s successful transformation.”

CEO of Dent Wizard Terry Koebbe said, “H.I.G. has been a highly effective partner that provided invaluable operational and strategic guidance. H.I.G.’s support for the company’s growth initiatives put the business on a high growth trajectory that we feel confident will allow us to continue to succeed.”

St. Louis, MS-Dent Wizard is a global leader in automotive reconditioning.