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Daily News: November 4, 2016

Gordon Brothers, Hilco, Tiger Capital Manage Golfsmith Store Closings

Gordon Brothers, Hilco Merchant Resources and Tiger Capital Group are managing the store closing sales at 59 Golfsmith stores throughout the nation. Golfsmith filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.

“This is a truly outstanding savings opportunity for all golfing enthusiasts, as well as for anyone with a golfer on their holiday gift list. We expect this will be a short sale because of the very significant price reductions being offered on a full assortment of top quality merchandise at these well stocked superstores. Consumers are encouraged to shop early for the best selection,” said a spokesperson for the joint venture.

Goldsmith gift cards and merchandise credits will be honored at all closing stores through November 11. Store fixtures and equipment are also available for sale.

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Antares Agents $135MM DIP for Golfsmith