Daily News: March 27, 2013

GE Capital Provides Facility to Burger King Franchisee

GE Capital, Franchise Finance provided $11.3 million to Ghai Management Services, a Burger King franchisee. The funding was used for the acquisition of six Taco Bell locations in northern California.

“We have long ties to GE Capital, Franchise Finance,” says Sunny Ghai, owner, Ghai Management Services. “We appreciate the support they provided to expand our portfolio with the Taco Bell brand in our existing markets.”

Ghai Management Services is a Burger King franchisee with 38 locations in northern California and southern Oregon. This financing will expand its reach to Taco Bell.

“We were able to leverage our access to brand partners, and facilitate the mutually-beneficial connection between Ghai Management Services and Taco Bell Corporate,” says Allen Johnson, vice president, GE Capital, Franchise Finance.

GE Capital, Franchise Finance is a lender for the franchise finance market via direct sales and portfolio acquisition.