Daily News: February 20, 2014

GE Antares Remains Most Active PE-Backed Mid-Market Lender

GE Antares announced it closed more than 170 senior loan transactions with corporate borrowers across 90 private equity firms, totaling over $13 billion in financing in 2013 and retaining its position as the most active lender to PE-backed middle-market companies.

“2013 was really about stretching ourselves for our customers,” said John Martin, president and CEO of GE Antares Capital. “Through consistent, reliable financing commitments backed by value-creating opportunities with GE’s industrial businesses and its Global Research Center, we delivered beyond just the deal.”

During 2013, GE Antares also closed $5.1 billion in commitments through the Senior Secured Loan Program (SSLP), jointly managed by an affiliate of Ares Capital Corporation and an affiliate of GE Capital. Since January 2010, the SSLP has committed approximately $14.2 billion to middle market borrowers.

“Though 2013 had its share of uncertainties around the government shutdown and fiscal situation, investor demand for loans to middle market companies continued to grow,” continued Martin. “Customers look to us to support their businesses regardless of the uncertainties, and we look forward to more of this in 2014.”

In 2013, GE Antares delivered value beyond lending to customers. In partnership with the GE Global Research Center (GRC), an industrial lab, GE Antares created connections between customers and the GRC resulting in eight potential joint R&D projects, new suppliers and licensing partners. Also, through the unique Access GE program, customers tapped into GE’s insights, tools and best practices to address critical business needs.

“In 2013, we increased our already substantial Access GE offerings from the prior year and held over 400 one-on-one Access GE customer engagements, touching over 320 unique borrowers,” Martin stated.

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