Daily News: February 25, 2015

Former Enron CFO to Keynote TMA ChicagoMidwest Breakfast

Andrew Fastow, former CFO, Enron, will keynote the Turnaround Management Association (ChicagoMidwest) breakfast forum on March 13, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the Standard Club in Chicago. The program is titled “Modern Business Ethics – Are We Doomed to Repeat the Past.”

Fastow, a graduate of Kellogg’s School of Management, was a central figure in the Enron scandal and subsequently served a six-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of securities fraud in 2004.

Despite today’s more regulated and enlightened business environment, there continues to be Enron-esque failures of corporate governance. Enron’s former CFO will make observations about how the ambiguity and complexity of laws and regulations breeds opportunity for problematic decisions and will discuss what questions corporate directors, management, attorneys and accountants should ask in order to ensure that their companies not only follow the rules, but uphold the principles behind them.

“Fastow will provide great insight into whether today’s business ethics and practices will result in us repeating the past,” says Aaron L. Hammer, president of the association. “His presentation will be a unique look into the turnaround profession through the eyes of an individual who has an experience shared by few others.”

Following Fastow’s prepared remarks, the audience will have an opportunity for open Q&A.