Daily News: February 9, 2018

ELFF Study Examines Fintech’s Disruptive Force on Financing

A new study commissioned by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation reveals that rapidly emerging fintech technology platforms present a disruptive force to the equipment finance industry, but fintech is not forecast to become a competitor as a major source of equipment funding.

The study, “Headwinds, Undercurrents, and Tailwinds: How Equipment Finance Companies Can Learn and Benefit from the Fintech Phenomenon,” provides an in-depth examination of fintech companies that offer or enable financing using streamlined technology and their opportunities, risks and trends for the equipment finance industry.

The study traces the evolution of fintech in the wake of the 2008-2009 recession resulting from various conditions, including a changed financial environment, the rise of exponential technologies, changing customer expectations and demands, preferences for online purchase, and regulatory shifts. According to the study, fintech technology platforms will continue to disrupt traditional financing processes and change the competitive landscape to one in which hybrid companies will combine select fintech tools and technologies with select personal services to compete and remain viable.

“As equipment finance companies seek ways to increase customer satisfaction and market share, fintech companies offer innovative examples for our industry,” said Jeffry Elliott, senior managing director of Huntington Equipment Finance and ELFF chairman. “This study presents a balanced, comprehensive look at Fintech’s role and what incumbent firms can adopt from it.”