Daily News: July 10, 2014

Crestmark Releases Infographic for Companies

Crestmark announced it released an infographic called What Type of Lender Is Right for My Business. It displays a creative flowchart of the basic differences between traditional and asset-based business lending options, clarifying potential choices.

“This infographic should be helpful for companies that are in the beginning stages of research for a business loan, but don’t really know where to start,” said Lisa Beattie, first VP of marketing and communications for Crestmark. “It clarifies some key variations between a traditional bank and a non-traditional lender.”

The infographic covers key decision points involved, including business history and opportunities for growth. Once a business owner understands the differences, it’s easier to make the right decision.

“Many businesses think they can’t get financing because their companies haven’t been around long enough or their portfolios aren’t stellar. That’s simply not the case,” said Beattie. “Our team put together a snapshot of the thought process so that business owners can better understand their options.”